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Manchester, UK.

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You will see as you're scrolling through my portfolio that my style, subjects, techniques and overall aesthetic of my work has evolved entirely since I began painting. I am always learning and experimenting with new ways to create art, and I intend to never stop exploring with my work.

Over the years, my impasto technique has become solid and unique to me and my work, however my subjects are everchanging.

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limited edition zebra paiting multi coloured zebra animal  art
'Mala' 30
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Please follow the steps below. By following these and sending a clear description of your idea it means I can get back to you quicker.

1. Your commission idea. Feel free to include references for the painting / photos of the room in which the painting will go.

2. Colours you do want / do not want

3. Preference of unframed or framed.

4. Preferred size of canvas.

5. Address for shipping or collection purposes.

A reply will be sent out as soon as possible. I can’t wait to discuss your new AG Originals bespoke piece!

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