About AG

An introduction to the face behind AG Originals... 
Hey! Welcome! I'm Annie. Thank you for coming over here to learn more about me. So, let me introduce myself...
I’m a 25 year old abstract artist currently living in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I am truly in love with seeing my life unfold into what it is becoming, although it's been an incredibly rough ride to get here. My painting style has evolved entirely over the years and I think I'm the type of artist who will always be evolving in some way. I don't like to stick to the same thing for too long. I thrive off being pushed and challenged within my work and you'll find me constantly experimenting and exploring.
I always knew I was going to work for myself one day. Honestly, I have always really hated working for someone else. I have my own dreams so why would I want to spend all my time building someone else's? 
So, lets go back to the start...art was always part of me. Since I can remember I used drawing as therapy. After battling health problems since being young, art was always there to distract me and it continues to do the same for me today. It all began In 2018 when my sister asked me to paint a small canvas for her new home, and everything spiralled from there. I developed a social media presence which would soon become AG.Originals.
Unfortunately the start of some scary health issues began when I was taken seriously ill at the end of 2018 and spent several weeks in hospital. The silver lining among the incredibly dark cloud was my ‘light bulb’ moment: I resolved to become a full time artist. In August of 2019 I acquired my first studio which enabled me to create and experiment with bigger pieces, different styles and indulge my passion for abstract painting. My commissions had gone from strength to strength, with added sales from my stock paintings and prints.
Then, in September of 2019 I was taken back to hospital. In October 2019 I had a lobectomy surgery which resulted in more time away from painting. I was finally able to get back to work just before Christmas 2019, however, I became horrendously ill with an iatrogenic skin condition (TSW) in January of 2020 which meant I had to put down my paintbrushes for 6 months. It is now almost 3 years later and I am the best I have ever been (oh how amazing it feels to say that!)
Art has saved me on more than one occasion, and I am certain I will continue to use it as my therapy forever. Art means more to me than just paint on a canvas. To me it means freedom, it means happiness, and by being able to paint, it means I am defying all odds that I would ever make it as an artist.
I appreciate all of the support so, so much. I will be forever grateful to all of my wonderful customers for allowing me to pursue my dream.
If you want to see more of me and my work, head over to my socials-
Instagram: @ag.originals
Tiktok:  @ ag_originals
- Annie Xx