My first blog | AG Originals

Hey guys! 
So I thought I’d finally get round to writing a blog post. I LOVE writing if you haven’t already guessed by my ridiculously lengthy Instagram captions. Writing is just another creative outlet for me and i really enjoy playing around with words the way i do with paint.  
By writing blog posts it means I can keep you guys up to date with whats going on with AG.originals; new collections, new releases and any other updates that you should be aware of where i can keep all the important info in one place. It also means i can stop boring you all with my thoughts all over insta when lets be honest - most of you are just there for the art. I can’t promise i’ll be writing new blogs on the reg but i’ll definitely have the odd one here and there for you to have a nosy at.
I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you guys a little bit about myself. I have to be honest, my life hasn’t been all that exciting up to now. Art is my entire life and there isn’t a whole lot that goes on outside of making a mess and being covered in paint . I’m 22 years old. I have had quite a few years where my health has flown around my life like a giant wrecking ball and therefore most of my crazy, exciting times are yet to be had. I love adventure. I love anything that makes you forget about the constant bullshit of the world even just for a little while - I think that’s why i love painting so much. When i’m in my studio i forget about everything else. It’s just me, my music and my art.  
I have ALWAYS said that one day I will be doing a job that I love and that working won’t feel like ‘work’ for me. I was told “you will never love your job” and my response every single time was “just wait and see”. I don’t know if that is my inherent stubborness or just something inside of me that just knew i would make it happen. Now i know i am incredibly lucky to be in the position where building my own business is possible. My gratitude for all of this is honestly indescribable and i will never take that for granted. I’m by no means saying i am where i want to be, but i am a million percent on the path i am meant to be on. I know in my heart that right now i am exactly where i am supposed to be. 
I couldn’t tell you my exact goals for the future because my mind changes ALL the time. One minute i’m set on creating a collection with one meaning, the next i’m suddenly painting something on the complete other end of the spectrum so there is no way i can tell you my plans for 5 years from now.  However, my main goal for right now is to get a MUCH bigger studio - i’m outgrowing mine more each day. I aim to have a sell-out solo exhibition very soon and in the future exhibit in different countries. I am determined to grow, to be successful, and to continue loving my job and valuing my customers just as much as the day i first started. I promise to always stay humble and grateful and never forget where i began.
Anyways, if you’re still here, then I guess the main thing I want to say here is thank you. Thank you for supporting my business, for visiting my website, for following my jouney through instagram or facebook and the biggest thanks to all my incredible customers. You guys really are making my dreams come true. I’m nowhere near where i want to be, trust me i’m not going to stop until i get there, but every one of you who supports me is helping me on my way and i will be forever thankful for that. 
There is a lot of exciting things coming for AGoriginals! I have a feeling 2021 is going to be pretty crazy.
Anyways, i’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for reading! 
See you on the next one,
-AG x