Let’s catch up!

Oooops. A whole year since my last blog, how did that happen?! 

I suppose there is a lottta stuff to catch up on! Let me list some of the most exciting things that have happened in the past year…


  • I turned 24 in July. Which means this year I turn 25. AGH. That sounds scary. I started painting when I was 18, just about to turn 19. I got my first studio in August 2019 when I had just turned 21. I started doing art full time in 2020. And now, in 2023, I’m the happiest I have ever been & creating the type of art that I used to DREAM about. Pinch meeeee!


  • I transitioned to a home studio. Best decision ever. I LOVE being able to go into my studio whenever I want to.

  • I got my very own little dog. My beautiful Rosie the Lurcher. I’ve left a link below to the cutest video of her with me whilst i paint in my studio!


  • I played around a little with Animal paintings at the start of 2023 but then I finally decided that I wanted to focus on abstracts for a while, and luckily I’ve had a lot of lovely clients that want the same from me! So, my love for abstract art has just grown and grown over the past year and I’ve created so many gorgeous paintings.


  • I was commissioned to paint the biggest piece I have done in June / July 2022. A diptych - 2 canvasses at 120cm x 170cm each. This sparked a huge interest for sunset inspired paintings. If you look at some of my recent works, you’ll see the theme! I think orange and yellow have been my most used colours over the past 8 months.


  • I shipped paintings to even more countries. My art is literally in homes ALL over the world!  It still blows my mind.


  • I started really working hard on my social presence and content creation.. pushing me up to a current total (as I write this) of 69,000 TikTok followers and over 9,000 Instagram followers. Not to mention my 2.3million total views on TikTok in addition to the multiple viral videos I now have! My love for creating videos has grown so much in the past 6 months and I have become obsessed with creating watchable content of my painting processes.  Here’s to reaching my next milestone soon!

  • I have been collaborating with more brands on the back of my TikTok growth over the past few months which is a super fun part of this social media world! I’ve loved learning so many new things and getting to experience a different side to my art and my social media.


  • My biggest collaboration so far was with Peugeot. Eeek! A huge deal for me! I went down to London and over a course of 3 days we shot 3 promotional videos for them for their social media. This was a big change for me, going from spending most of my time alone in my studio and having only done a few smaller collaborations previously, to then going onto a big location with a team of people and having to almost ‘perform’ in a way. Massively out of my comfort zone but I did it and what a massive personal achievement it was! I will do a whole separate blog post on this I think. So watch out for that coming soon if you wanna know more! Having that new experience under my belt, I’m sooo ready for more big collabs. Manifesting some more big brand partnerships in 2023! 

  • A really lovely thing about the past year or so is how much I’ve been able to travel. There was a while where my health issues were quite literally dictating my life, and I was too poorly to do a lot of things. But I’m now the healthiest I have ever been, which has meant I’ve finally been able to make up for lost time and travel to some beautiful places.
I LOVE a road trip, especially since having my dog, so I have been on my fair share of UK travels over the past year! Last year I also visited Italy to meet my   boyfriends Italian family for the first time - a truly life changing trip. I have already started off 2023 with some super fun city adventures already - Barcelona and Paris. More bucket list points ticked off!
Paris was a week FULL of art. Truly incredible to see so many famous, iconic and historic pieces of art. I think I’ll do a whole blog post dedicated to the art i saw in Paris, but for now, here are a few snippets of my trip… 




And I think that means we are pretty up to date! What a wonderful year it’s been and I am so incredibly excited for what’s to come over the next few years! 

I have a lot of exciting plans…
If you have read this far, thank you for being here. You’re the reason I get to create art every day and for that I am more grateful than i can put into words!


lots of love, 
AG x